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Now that 70% of web users are regularly watching short video content, businesses know they need to adapt their content strategies or fall behind. Since video messages convey magnitudes more information than text while also being 10x more memorable, businesses also see video as an opportunity to build larger and more engaged audiences than they could before.

CIRCLES videos are targeted at professional audiences, convey clear and compelling marketing messages, and are optimized for watch-through rate. Industry professionals watch CIRCLES videos through to the end and remember what they watched. Firms are using CIRCLES to create short video content for a range of use cases: Social posts, product updates, customer testimonials, and more. Below are some examples of videos recorded by CIRCLES customers.

Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays | Alcorn Immigration Law

Sophie Alcorn, Founding Attorney and Certified Specialist at Alcorn Immigration Law, wishes everyone on behalf of her firm a happy holiday season. During a period of widespread layoffs in the technology sector, Sophie reminds her audience that they have a range of immigration options outside of big tech, including becoming a founder, and that pathways to a greencard exist as well. Sophie’s video establishes her brand as a firm invested in helping high skilled immigrants in the technology sector navigate their immigration journey, and helps put a kind face to a challenge that can be intimidating to many.

Visit Sophie’s LinkedIn Profile to view her daily CIRCLES video posts.

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Problem Description

Handling Too Many Immigration Processes? | ImmiPartner ****

Ting Ni, Cofounder at ImmiPartner, walks through the issues that signify a business is ready to bring on a legal partner to streamline immigration processes. In identifying the issues that potential clients may be facing, Ting’s video effectively conveys the emotional experience of immigration process breakdowns. By empathizing with the experience of immigration breakdowns, Ting establishes herself in this video as an expert with an understanding of the challenges her potential clients may be facing.

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Final video | Original footage

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